I’m Omar Valdez.

My purpose is to share my knowledge with the community interested in the fascinating world of data, and my goal is to encompass the entire data lifecycle ecosystem, from generation to deployment. Additionally, I want to highlight the key elements that underlie the data lifecycle, such as security, data management, DataOps (data operations), data architecture, orchestration, and software engineering.

What I will NOT talk about:

  • I will not focus on general topics. You won’t find content like “5 truths about Python” or “A day in the life of a Data Engineer/Data Scientist.”
  • I will not focus on news. Although trends and advances in the field of data can be discussed, the main objective is not to provide daily news or current events.
  • I will not focus on pure theory. The goal is to provide practical and useful content, so I will avoid overly theoretical approaches without concrete examples or use cases.

One of my main goals is to guide those who are already immersed in the world of data but wish to deepen their understanding, their influence, and above all, their potential.

Through tutorials, practical tips, personal reflections, and case studies, this place will be a valuable resource for all data enthusiasts, whether for a curious beginner or an expert seeking new perspectives.

I’ve held many roles in the data universe: Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, and Data Architect. Practically, my experience with data has ranged from being on the front lines creating reports to designing architectures.

Data should empower, not intimidate, and I’m here to bridge that gap.


Perhaps you’re wondering about my avatar. Basically, it’s a metaphorical representation of my approach to data:

  • Pixelated: Just as pixels are the building blocks of a digital image, raw data forms the foundation of our digital landscape. Technically, it’s unrefined, unprocessed information waiting to be transformed.
  • Plumber: Similar to a plumber who works to repair and maintain a building’s plumbing systems, my mindset is to dive deep into data pipelines, unclog bottlenecks, and ensure the flow of data.
  • Video game aesthetics: Similar to how games foster exploration, creativity, and problem-solving, I tackle data with a sense of curiosity and a desire to make it accessible and engaging for everyone.


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Contact: info@thedatafixer.xyz